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POÇAS Branco da Ribeira white 2019


Region: DouroGrapes: Códega, Arinto.Produced from traditional grape varieties from the Douro Demarcated Region, from a specific portion of the Quinta de Vale de Cavalos called “Ribeira de Teja”, making the minerality of the terroir very present. The ..


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POÇAS Fora de Série Acrobata branco 20...


Fora de Série Acrobata is a white wine produced from the Códega, Arinto and Rabigato grape varieties in Numão region. With a prolonged stage in barrel used under a fine "flower". Perfect balance between the oxidative profile of prolonged stage and th..


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Poças Trava Linguas red 2019


The new red wine from Poças, Trava Línguas, with enology by André Pimentel Barbosa is fermented in stainless steel vats and 20% of the batch matured in second-year French oak barrels.Behind this bold label that invites you to an augmented reality exp..

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