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PÓ DE POEIRA bº 2018 - Douro


Region: Douro (Provesende).Grapes: AlvarinhoIt has a lighter and more relaxed character. With this Pó de Poeira they try to make a personalized wine, with an expressive aroma and with a depth and freshness that characterize the wines. Vine and land w..


wine, red, douro, poeira

PÓ DE POEIRA tº 2018 - Douro


Produced on the same slope (northerly aspect) as Poeira, it has much in common with it. However, as it is largely produced from younger vines, it has a lighter, more laid-back character. With this Pó de Poeira, we have tried to make a wine with ..


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POEIRA Desalinhados Curtimenta bº 2018 ...


Region: Douro (Provesende).Grapes: Arinto.Sometimes we need to take a risk, “get out of the line” and when that happens in Poeira irreverent and original wines are born. This white man was born wanting to be red but was overcome by his nature and des..


wine, redwine, jorgemoreira, poeira, poeirawines, oldvines, garrafeiratiopepe, portuguesewine

POEIRA Vinha da Torre tº 2017 - Douro


Region: Douro (Provesende).Torre's vineyard is located in Covas do Douro and was planted in 1950. With a huge diversity of grape varieties, stony and very sloping soil, with exposure to the North and at 400 m altitude.They searched for a long time fo..


redwine, dourowine, portuguesewine, poeirawine, jorgemoreirawines

POEIRA tº 2016 - Douro


Region: Douro (Provesende).Quinta do Poeira is located in Provesende, along a slope in the Pinhão valley, on the right bank of the river of the same name.Your exposure to the north is a key aspect of the style of wine you are looking to make. Tempera..

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