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Anselmo Mendes CURTIMENTA Magnum white 2...


Experiment, reinvent, overcome, take on the challenge of creating wines of excellence, which are born from a long and deep connection to the land and challenge conventions and the senses. This is where Anselmo Mendes takes us.Anselmo Mendes, recogniz..


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CONTACTO bº 2018 - V. Verdes


Region: Sub-Region of Monção and MelgaçoGrapes: AlvarinhoStage of 4 months on fine lees with weekly removal.It is a wine with a very intense aroma, with nuances of citrus and floral, distinct and elegant where the qualities of the grape are well mark..


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PEDRA ESCRITA bº 2018 - Douro


Region: DouroGrapes: Alvarinho, Rabigato, Verdelho and a small percentage of Viognier.PEDRA ESCRITA have a aroma very citrus and mineral, grapefruit notes and flowers complexed&nbs..


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PEQUENOS REBENTOS O Caminho white 2019


This wine is the result of ten years of studies of grape varieties, soils, winemaking processes and special people that I got to know. I chose Monção & Melgaço for believing that it has everything to be a great wine in the world.Winemaker Márcio ..


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PÓ DE POEIRA bº 2019 - Douro


Region: Douro (Provesende).Grapes: AlvarinhoIt has a lighter and more relaxed character. With this Pó de Poeira they try to make a personalized wine, with an expressive aroma and with a depth and freshness that characterize the wines. Vine and land w..

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