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A TOURIGA VAI NUA tinto 2020


Winemaker António Maçanita's new bet is on the queen variety of Portuguese grapes, Touriga Nacional, which stands out for its floral identity. A fragile identity that is lost with: time, internship and contact with the barrel. This essay shows pure T..


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ADEGA VIÚVA GOMES is currently a father and son project, 4th and 5th generation, whose main objective is to keep Colares Wines traditional.Viúva Gomes are wines of a vibrant character due to the specificity of their terroir, characterized by maritime..


redwine, portuguesewine, dourowine, quintanovanossasenhoradocarmo, aeternus

AETERNUS red 2019


AETERNUS is a tribute!Given the region's classic traditions, sophisticated character and inherente longevity, we can say that it is a unique wine!Brimming with energy and immersed in history, it's been shaped by sentiments.We've extracted the finest ..


wine, redwine, portuguesewine, quintadafonte, winefromceleiros, winefromdouro, dourowine, tintaroriz, touriganacional, tintaamarela, tintabarroca



A family company that has been producing Port Wine for five generations. In the 19th century the brand was created by the great-great-grandfather José Silvério Vieira De Sousa. Years later it starts with the project of still wines!All wines are produ..


wine, redwine, ruiroboredomadeira, beiraswine, winefrombeirasregion, portuguesewine, tintaroriz, tempranillo, touriganacional, garrafeiratiopepe, altosdabeira, vinhoaltosdabeira



A red wine from the Beiras region that winemaker Rui Roboredo Madeira produces from a vineyard 600 meters above sea level.The result?!This is ... an uncomplicated wine, perfect for your daily life and ideal for snacking!Fruity aroma with a mineral to..


redwine, alentejo, alicantebouschet, herdadealdeiadecima, alyantiju, winefromalentejo, garrafeiratiopepe, portuguesewine

ALYANTIJU red 2018


With a unique biodiversity, at Herdade da Aldeia de Cima the wines are designed in the vineyard where they seek ancient knowledge, diversity, soil minerality and silky textures that history has told and revealed!With the intention of producing the ty..


vinhoverde, anselmomendes, parduscoprivate, vinhao, alvarelhao, cainho, pedral, alvarinho, redwine.garrafeiratiopepe, portuguesewine

Anselmo Mendes PARDUSCO PRIVATE red 2017


Pardusco Private is a red wine made according to the old Portuguese traditions, that is, a red wine with a prolonged aging in used barrels. In this wine we find the old Alvarelhão grape variety, known locally as Brancelho. After winemaking there was ..


redwine, winefromalentejo, casaalexandrerelvas, artterra, artterraamphora, amphorawine, Moreto, Trincadeira, Aragonez

ART. TERRA Amphora red 2020


Casa Relvas was born from the desire to continue the history of a family linked to the land over five generations, on two continents. This family project was started in 1997 in São Miguel de Machede, in Redondo, by Alexandre Relvas, who saw in Herdad..


redwine, winefromdouro, azulerareserva, tintocao, sousao, touriganacional, tourigafranca, raulribadave

AZULERA Reserva red 2016


It is Raul Riba D'Ave's third wine in the Douro. This first edition results from wines from Muxagata, although location is never as important as the raw material, the grapes. In fact, a number of traditional Douro grape varieties have a deep "blue" h..


wine, redwine, winefromdouro, britesaguiar, bafarela, bafarelagrandereserva

BAFARELA Grande Reserva red 2019


The Brites Aguiar family comes from and has always lived in the Douro Region. They always were and still are farmers. The family house, the farm, is located in the small village of Várzea de Trevões in the municipality of S. João da Pesqueira.Ferment..


wine, redwine, winefromalentejo, antoniomacanita, bagaaosol, fitapretawines, baga

BAGA AO SOL tinto 2019


Charismatic and famous for its freshness and rusticity, Baga marks both a style of wine and the identity of an entire region. This Baga is Alentejano, which is unprecedented and is rehearsing the southernmost variety, where the schist, the sun and th..

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