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Copo RIEDEL "O" Tumbler Syrah ...


The RIEDEL “O” WINE TUMBLER (2004) collection is the first ever range of wine glasses without legs, specific to each variety. This collection is inspired by the reference formats of the RIEDEL VINUM range to highlight the world's most prominent grape..


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COPO RIEDEL BAR DSG Retail Rock Glass cx...


The Rocks Glass is part of the latest revolutionary collection from RIEDEL Bar, named Drink Specific Glassware.This glass is perfect for spirits served on the rocks or mixed cocktails, and is specially sized for large format ice.What's more, its inte..


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Copo RIEDEL Ouverture Tinto + Branco + C...


OUVERTURE is a collection of glasses with no specificity regarding grape varieties / wine regions that will intensify the pleasure of enjoying wines, beer and spirits...


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Copo RIEDEL Stemless Wings Riesling cx.2


The Riesling/Sauvignon/Champagne glass is perfect for balancing the high acidity and residual sugar of fruit-forward white wines, and for developing and displaying champagne’s complex characteristics.Experience the unique curvature of SL RIEDEL Steml..


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Copo RIEDEL Vinum Extreme Riesling 4444/...


The RIEDEL VINUM EXTREME (2000) collection was developed to keep up with the worldwide trend towards more structured wines. These require formats that can display and enhance the special qualities present in the most perfect wines. The RIEDEL VINUM E..


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Decanter RIEDEL Apple NY 1466/13


With its small footprint, its roomy body and thin neck, the Apple NY decanter bears a remarkable similarity to the fruit after which its named. The decanter is small enough to fit into a standard dishwasher and is equally suitable for an informal eve..

Showing 1 to 12 of 89 (8 Pages)