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Copo RIEDEL "O" Tumbler Syrah ...


The RIEDEL “O” WINE TUMBLER (2004) collection is the first ever range of wine glasses without legs, specific to each variety. This collection is inspired by the reference formats of the RIEDEL VINUM range to highlight the world's most prominent grape..


riedelglass, gin, tumbler

Copo RIEDEL Gin Box 4


Este conjunto contém 4 peças de copo Riedel Gin. O prático conjunto de gin feito à máquina da colecção de copos O Wine Tumbler, que economiza espaço, atrai toda a atenção.Volume: 762ccmAltura: 124mm..


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Copo RIEDEL Ouverture Tinto + Branco + C...


OUVERTURE is a collection of glasses with no specificity regarding grape varieties / wine regions that will intensify the pleasure of enjoying wines, beer and spirits...


riedelglass, riedel, wineglass, ridelvinumextreme

Copo RIEDEL Vinum Extreme Riesling 4444/...


The RIEDEL VINUM EXTREME (2000) collection was developed to keep up with the worldwide trend towards more structured wines. These require formats that can display and enhance the special qualities present in the most perfect wines. The RIEDEL VINUM E..


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Decanter RIEDEL Amadeo Performance 1756/...


The Amadeo Performance decanter was introduced in 2019 as a compliment to the groundbreaking Performance glass series. With this iconic shape reimagined in optical blown glass, this decanter features a colourful line in the collection's signature bri..


decanter, riedel, ayamblack, 201602

Decanter RIEDEL Ayam Black 2016/02


The handmade decanter distinguishes by its groundbreaking and functional design. The Ayam, is inspired by and named after the rare breed of Indonesian hen, and makes a unique centerpiece for the table in the form of a highfunctioning wine to..

Showing 1 to 12 of 74 (7 Pages)