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CABIsehrNETT Riesling white 2015


In the beginning, the idea was for wine, as in the past, to age more to achieve natural stabilization over time. Dirk Niepoort, his son Daniel and Moselle winegrower Philipp Ketter quickly agreed with the new project's common thread: this can only ha..


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D.S.F. Coleção Privada Riesling white ...


"This time I decided to show a Portuguese Riesling from a vine planted in 2008 in the northeast of the country at an altitude of 630 meters, with an northeast exposure and granite soil. The owner - Paulo Hortas - has been my friend, colleague and gre..


whitewine, riesling, rieslingwine, germanywine, fiowines, mosel, moselwine, falkenbergroesling

FALKENBERG Riesling white 2016


Dirk's passion for Mosel wines and his queen variety, Riesling, has long been known.As it could not be otherwise, which sooner or later we thought was inevitable, Dirk headed to the Mosel to make his wines. But, he ended up not entering this adventur..


whitewine, germany, fio, riesling, rieslingwine, mosel, winefrommosel, fiowines, phillipkettern

FIO Riesling white 2014


Dirk's passion for Mosel wines and his queen variety, Riesling, has long been known.As it couldn't be, which sooner or later, we thought it would be inevitable, Dirk headed to Mosel to make his wines. But, he ended up not entering this adventure alon..


glassriedel, riedel, riedelsuperllegero, rieslingglass, zinfandelglass

Glass RIEDEL Superleggero Riesling / Zin...


Defined by its extremely light and ultra-thin crystal, the Superleggero Series is Riedel's innovation in product design specific to the different varieties, a category created by the Riedel family. The cup of the cups ...Height: 25.2 cmCapacity: 395 ..


glassriedel, veritasriesling, 644915

Glass RIEDEL Veritas Riesling 6449/15


A machine-blown crystal of unprecedented texture and lightness. Combining the best RIEDEL cup design with the latest technology, this new range continues to set the RIEDEL brand leadership in performance-oriented crystal cups.Height: 23.5 cmCapacity:..


hugel, riesling, magnumbottle, alsace, french, hugelriesling, , alsacewine, frenchwine

HUGEL Riesling bº 2016 - Alsace


Region: France (Alsace).Grapes: Riesling.A very cool yellow, pale green.The aroma is still somewhat restrained and serious, but with the fresh, clear, precise and well-defined fruity of lemon, fresh kiwi, lemongrass, gooseberry, fresh moss and a slig..


whitewine, hugel, riesling, alsacia, hugelriesling, winefromalsace, frenchwine, online, alsacianwine

HUGEL Riesling bº 2018 - Alsace


Region: France (Alsace).Grapes: 100% Riesling. A very fresh yellow, pale green with dominant hints of green with lighter hints of thepale yellow of lime trees in spring, some silver, crystalline highlights, a pleasant energetic sheen, full and liv..


winewhite, douro, marcoshehn, riesling, vinhosriesling

MARCOS HEHN Riesling bº 2018 - Douro


Região: DouroGrapes: Riesling. Citrus yellow color. Notes of fresh grapefruit with some chemical touch. Rich texture with good persistence and freshness in the mouth. Specially recommended to accompany starters, caviar and fatty fish. ..


wine, germany, pfalz, haardter, mullercatoir, burgergarten, riesling, auslese, lateharvest, dessertwine

MÜLLER-CATOIR Haardter Burg. Riesling A...


Region: Germany (Pfalz).Grapes: Riesling.Concentrated green and herbal aromas of eucalyptus and fresh hay herbs characterise the bouquet of the Rieslaner Auslese. The finish of its velvety body has a delicate minerality. ..


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NIEPOORT Riesling Dócil white 2020


Riesling is one of the greatest white varieties in the world. Since 2003, Niepoort has been exploring this variety in the Douro, inspired by the Mosel region, where the variety shows its full potential, creating incredibly light and precise wines, wi..


wine, germany, germanwine, winefromgermany, weingutprinz, riesling, hallgarten, rheingau

PRINZ Jungler GG Riesling 2017 - Germany


Region: Germany (Hallgarten / Rheingau).Producer: Weingut PrinzGrapes: Riesling...

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