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Artadi VINA EL PISON red 2012


The inimitable Viña El Pisón is a reflection of the competence of the ancestors and the passion of those who want to keep the spirit of a vineyard alive. A great Spanish Tempranillo!A unique vineyard, a unique wine. The pure expression of th..


moscateldesetubal, bacalhoa, superior, 20anos, 1983, portuguesewine, garrafeiratiopepe

BACALHÔA Moscatel Superior 20 Years 198...


The aging to which this Moscatel da Quinta da Bacalhôa was subjected causes a concentration, intensity and complexity of aromas and flavors that makes it unique among Setúbal's fortified wines."Very dark copper color. It moves by complexity, by the n..


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BARBEITO 50 Years Bastardo Avô Mário


"My grandfather, Mário Barbeito, was born in Funchal in 1905 and passed away in the same city, in 1985. In addition to his love for wine, reading and books were his other great passions. The History of Madeira, the History of Christopher Columbus an..


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BELLA Sauvignon Blanc white 2021


QUINTA DE BELLA combines unique natural conditions and traditional sustainable viticulture to produce Térroir wines with a unique character.Inserted in the historic Region of Dão, in the village of Prime, parish of Fragosela, neighboring the city of ..


whitewine, beiras, beirainterior, ruiroboredomadeira, fontecal, elegant, whiteflowers, portuguesewine

BEYRA Superior Fonte Cal white 2018


In Beira Interior, wines are influenced by altitude. Surrounded by the Estrela, Marofa and Malcata mountains, the vineyards reach over 750 meters. The main benefit of high-altitude viticulture is due to the cooler climate, which allows increasing aci..


redwine, winefromdouro, castellodalba, ruiroboredomadeira, castellodalbasuperior, touriganacional, tourigafranca, tintaroriz

CASTELLO D'ALBA Superior red 2020


Grapes from vines planted in the Douro Superior, at an average altitude of 350 meters, are chosen as plots one by one depending on the harvest, generally from vines over 40 years old, planted on terraces with predominantly East / North exposure. We a..


whitewine, winefromdouro, castellodalbasuperior, ruiroboredomadeira, viosinho, rabigato, verdelho

CASTELLO D'ALBA Superior white 2020


In this wine, we looked for the concentration and aromatic purity of grapes from traditional vineyards in the high elevations of the Douro Superior, at an altitude of about 550 meters.Here the fermentation in a reductive environment, using very gentl..


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By acquiring Château Haut-Brion in 1935, Clarence Dillon gave it back its nobility and brought it back to the inner circle of the most legendary wines in the world. This extraordinary vision, daring and courageous, is today perpetuated by the 4th gen..


redwine, frenchwine, chateauhautbrion, cabernetsauvignon



One of the most famous wines in the world, Lafite is one of the oldest and most elegant wines in Bordeaux.AWARDS:ROBERT PARKER 95/100 PTSWINE SPECTATOR 95/100 PTSJAMES SUCKINLG 95/100 PTSWINE ENTHUSIAST 96/100 PTS..


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CISTUS Concilivm red 2017


Produced at Quinta do Vale da Perdiz which is located in the heart of the Douro Superior, near Torre de Moncorvo. The Quinta's fourteen hectares of vineyards are arranged in terraces on both sides of the valley that gives it its name. In the vineyard..


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Copo Porto SIZA VIEIRA Cx. 6


Box of 6 Port Wine glasses, designed by the architect Siza Vieira for the Porto European Capital of Culture event.Material: GlassDimensions: 7.5×7.5x17cmSchott Zwiesel brand.Year 2001 ..


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CORAVIN Model Three Base


The Model Three is our entry level Wine Preservation System. Featuring a molded architecture in a neutral colorway and limited accessories, it is a perfect introduction to Coravin Wine Preservation Systems...

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