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FITA PRETA Signature Series Branco de Ta...


Region: Alentejo.Grapes: Roupeiro (70%) and Antão Vaz (30%).Wine based on the old methodology of Talha, in search of complexity and regional identity.A different white, marked by the carving, based first on the fruit and freshness of the grape variet..


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HERDADE GRANDE Amphora bº 2018 - Alente...


Region: Alentejo (Vidigueira).Grapes: Antão Vaz, Perrum, Roupeiro, Alvarinho.Fermentation in tanning (traditional) inside carving with indigenous yeasts.Golden yellow color. Very complex wine with a mixture of fruit notes of the grape varieties with ..


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TERRENUS Reserva Vinhas Velhas bº 2017 ...


Region: Alentejo (Serra de Portalegre)Grape Varieties: Arinto, Fernão Pires, Bical, Wardrobe, Malvasia, TamarezManual harvest in “field blend”. Stainless steel fermentation and partial fermentation in new French Allier oak barrels.Citrine color. Frui..


wine, white, alentejo, terrenus, vinha, serra, arinto, fernao, pires, bical, roupeiro, malvasia, tamarez

TERRENUS Vinha da Serra bº 2016 - Alent...


Varieties: Arinto, Fernão Pires, Bical, Roupeiro, Malvasia, Tamarez. Production: 1000 Bottles Manual harvest in field blend. Fermentation with indigenous yeasts in cement tanks. 6-month later stage in barrels of 500L French oak. Citrus colo..


bottle, magnumbottle, serradeportalegre, ruireguinga, arinto, fernaopires, bical, roupeiro, malvasia, tamarez, frenchoak, oak, whitewinewithoak, intensewine, smoothwine, smoothpalate, freshwine, mineralwine, terrenus, online, portuguesewine, alentejo

TERRENUS Vinha da Serra bº 2017 - Alent...


Region: Alentejo (Serra de Portalegre)Grapes: Arinto, Fernão Pires, Bical, Wardrobe, Malvasia, Tamarez.Manual harvest in “field blend”. Fermentation with indigenous yeasts in a cement vat.Later stage of 6 months in 500L French oak barrels.Citrine col..


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CARTUXA bº 2018 - Alentejo


Region: Alentejo (Évora).Producer: Fundação Eugénio de Almeida.Grapes: Arinto, Roupeiro and Antão Vaz.These wines associate their quality with the name of the Carthusian monks who, since 1598, have led a solitary prayer life in the Santa Maria Scala ..


wine, white, douro, crasto, aromatic, citrus, tropical, mineral, persistent, gouveio, roupeiro, rabigato, portuguesewine, online, winefromdouro, quintadocrasto

CRASTO bº 2019 - Douro


Region: Douro.Producer: Quinta do Crasto.Grapes: Gouveio, Roupeiro e Rabigato. Color Citrine. Aromatic nose with excellent projection, intense notes of citrus fruit, in perfect harmony with soft tropical fruit, vibrant minerality. Vibrant mouth ..


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ESPORÃO Reserva bº 2018 - Alentejo


Region: AlentejoGrapes: Antão Vaz, Arinto e Roupeiro. A special wine for an important moment. Esporão Reserve is a mature, distinct and balanced wine. It is memorable for the pleasure of your surroundings flavor. With a confident and determined per..


whitewine, winefromalentejo, grous, herdadedosgrous, antaovaz, arinto, roupeiro, tropical, elegant, portuguesewine, online, albernoa

HERDADE DOS GROUS bº 2018 - Alentejo


Region: Alentejo (Albernoa)Grapes: Antão Vaz (50%); Arinto (30%); Roupeiro (20%). Golden green. Lush aroma of tropical fruits. Flavor rich in fruit, fine, elegant and with good balance of acidity. Should be served at a temperature of 12-14ºC. Ac..


portuguesewhitewine, malhadinha, montedapeceguina, antaovaz, verdelho, roupeiro, arinto, winefromalbernoa

MONTE DA PECEGUINA bº 2018 - Alentejo


Region: Alentejo (Albernôa)Grapes: Antão Vaz, Verdelho, Wardrobe, ArintoOur grapes immediately went to the cellar where rigorous sorting took place.They were then selected, destemmed and gently pressed. Fermentation took place in stainless steel with..


wine, white, alentejo, terrenus, arinto, fernao, pires, roupeiro

TERRENUS bº 2017 - Alentejo


Region: Alentejo (Portalegre). Grapes: Arinto, Fernão Pires and Roupeiro. Manual harvest. Fermentation in stainless steel. Partial fermentation in new French oak barrels Allier. Citrus color, fruity aroma, harmonious, soft palate. Fresh and mine..

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