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CASA DE COMPOSTELA Sauvignon Blanc white...


More than half a century marks the history of this important producer of green wine, located in the sub-region of Ave!The winemaker Joaquim Dias, in this wine, chose after fermentation to keep the wine in contact with fine lees for 9 months in stainl..


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CAVES S. JOÃO Lote Especial white 2017


The São João Cellars were founded in 1920 by the brothers José, Manuel and Albano Costa and is still today a family business, the oldest still operating in the municipality of Anadia.A classic white wine, uncomplicated and with an excellent price-qua..


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CORTES DE CIMA white 2018


In 1988, an American-Danish couple set out on a sailboat to find a place to raise a family and plant a vineyard.Cortes de Cima white is a blended wine. It is the union of Cortes de Cima's two distinct vineyard areas – the interior in Vidigueira and t..


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FRANSOLA Sauvignon Blanc 2018 - Espanha


Region: Spain (Penedès).Producer: TorresGrapes: Sauvignon Blanc.The Fransola Estate is found among the high vineyards of the Penedès in the municipality of Santa María de Miralles. This Fransola Estate is where we grow 25 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc ..


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Summer is here for us... If your holidays are close at hand, we leave some fresh white wines, uncomplicated and good value for money that promise to liven up your gatherings!..


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PRIEURÉ D'ARCHE Sauternes 2016 - France


Region: France (Sauternes)Grapes: 70% Semillon, 30% Sauvignon blancPrieuré d´Arche is the second wine of Château d´Arche. The Priory wines come mainly from the young vines of Château d´Arche (vines less than 10 years old), as well as from a few Sauvi..


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QUINTA DO ORTIGÃO Sauvignon Blanc bº 2...


Region: Bairrada.Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc.QUINTA DO ORTIGÃO Sauvignon Blanc has a crystalline appearance and a citrus color, with aromas of tropical fruits and exotic fruits. Fruity flavor, fresh, soft and well balanced.Winemaker: Osvaldo Amado...


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VINCENT PINARD Cuvée Florès Sancerre 2...


Region: France (Sancerre - Loire)Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc.Domaine Vincent Pinard is located in Bué, in the heart of Sancerre. With family vineyard for several centuries, the farm works in a very traditional way. Its philosophy is a culture of respect ..


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BONS ARES branco 2019


Quinta dos Bons Ares, located in the upper Douro sub-region, in the parish of Touça, is a farm dating back to the Roman period, as evidenced by the archaeological remains found on the site. It was acquired by Casa Ramos Pinto in 1985 with the aim of ..


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CASILLERO DEL DIABLO Sauvignon Blanc Res...


Since 1883 in the tireless and passionate search for excellence.Concha y Toro represents the story of a family business that managed to grow and develop despite the difficulties and found a way to transmit passion and knowledge from generation to gen..


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TRÊS BAGOS Sauvigon Blanc white 2019


Region: Douro.Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc.Ageing of 80% of the lot in stainless steel; 20% in new French oak barrels for 4 to 5 months Bright color, lemon citrus. Fresh nose and very aromatic, it shows vegetal notes like asparagus, typical of this ca..


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VILLA MARIA Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc ...


Region: New Zeland (Marlborough).Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc.This vibrant Sauvignon Blanc is an explosion of flavors including mature gooseberry, passion fruit, citrus fresh lemon and exotic herbaceous aromas. The wine has an exciting palate with layers ..

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