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ELEMENTO tº 2017 - Douro


Region;: Douro (Tabuaço).El3mento is born from a partnership between Luís Pedro Cândido da Silva and Carmelo Peña Santana, who since the university had a dream of joining the two heads and making a wine together. After 5 years, and many ideas shared,..


whitewine, quintadacarolina, tropical, floral, fresh, rabigato, viosinho, malvasia, inox, citrus, floral, tropical, fruity, fresh, candidosilva, tabuaco

CAROLINA bº 2018 - Douro


Region: Douro (Cima-Corgo - Tabuaço).Grapes: Fine Malvasia from the area of Régua, and Viosinho and Rabigato from the area of Tabuaço.Clear, citrus color, floral notes and tropical fruits. Balanced and elegant. Good mouth volume, long and fresh finis..

Showing 1 to 2 of 2 (1 Pages)