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TAYLOR'S Historical Collection


TAYLOR'S Historical Collection Tawny Reserve This bottle was inspired by the ‘bladder’ shaped wine bottles manufactured in England between about 1715 and 1740. In Britain, where they were used mainly in the 1720s and early 1730s, ‘bladde..


portwine, taylor, lbv, latebottledvintage, 2014

TAYLOR'S L.B.V. 2014


Deep purple ruby colour. Pungent aromatic nose of black woodland fruit, dark cherry and plum with some balsamic herbal scents and a hint of exotic wood. Lovely clean, crisp freshness to the bouquet. The palate is rounded, smooth and well balanced. Fl..


wine, port, vintage, taylor, 2015

TAYLOR'S Quinta de Vargellas Vintage 201...


The 2015 presents a classic Vargellas nose, fine, elegant and poised with a linear surge of pure singing, woodland infused with a plummy freshness and hints of citrus and fresh quince. A discreet minerality provides an attractively firm edge. Typical..


wine, port, taylors, vargellas, 2012

TAYLOR'S Vargellas Vintage 2012


Opaque ruby black core with vivid purple rim. The nose is fine and delicate, pure woodland fruit aromas combining with notes of wild herbs and gum cistus and discreet hints of vanilla. The floral scents which are the hallmark of Vargellas are in evid..


port, wine, taylor, vintage, 2016, symington

TAYLOR'S Vintage 2016


Deep purple black with a narrow magenta rim. High notes of pure, intense woodland fruit with lively accents of green apple, fresh plum and raspberry. Around this core of bright, singing fruit is a heady aura of gumcistus and wine herbs. On a deeper r..


portwine, portvintage, 2017, taylor

TAYLOR'S Vintage 2017


Opaque black at the centre with a narrow purple rim. Uncompromisingly Taylor’s in style, elegant and precise. The nose is threaded with very fine, linear fruit, heady and complex but restrained by a graphite minerality. Quinta da Vargellas has ..


wine, portwine, vintageport, 2018vintage, 2018portwine, rubyportwine, vintagetaylor, heritagewine, garrafeiratiopepe, portuguesewine

TAYLOR'S Vintage 2018


Impressive purple-black core with a narrow purple rim. An intense burst of powerful woodland fruit, a dense coulis of blackberry and blackcurrant, almost overwhelms the nose. The black fruit aromas are infused with discreet notes of cherry and mocha...


portwine, taylors, 10years, taylors10years, 10yearsportwine, tawnyport, heritagewines

TAYLOR'S 10 Years


Taylor's 10 years old is an excellent example of an old Tawny Port, made from full-bodied and concentrated red wines, from the best vineyards in the region of Cima Corgo and Alto Douro. The selected wines age individually in oak casks for an average ..


vinho, porto, taylors, 20anos

TAYLOR'S 20 Anos


A Taylor´s elabora os magníficos tawnies 20 anos de idade misturando vinhos das suas extensas reservas de Porto que envelheceram em casco nas frescas e tranquilas caves em Vila Nova de Gaia, em frente à cidade do Porto.   No Tawny 20 Anos,..


portwine, taylors, 30years, taylors30years, 30yearsportwine, tawnyport, heritagewines

TAYLOR'S 30 Years


Only every two or three years is a reserve of Port produced with sufficient structure, fruit and vigor to be able to age for a long time. The wines that make up the reserve are aged in oak casks. Those who have reached their peak after 30 years are t..


vinho, porto, taylors, chip, dry, white



O vinho do Porto Branco Chip Dry é um aperitivo elegante e sofisticado, a introdução perfeita para uma refeição descontraída. O ideal é servi-lo fresco num cálice de vinho do Porto de tamanho generoso, acompanhado de azeitonas marinadas ou de amêndoa..

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