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BLANDY'S Terrantez 1980 - Madeira Island


Region: MadeiraGrapes: TerrantezAwards: DECANTER WORLD WINE AWARDS - MEDALHA DE OUROJAMIE GOODE - 96/100 PTS..


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CASA DA PASSARELA O Fugitivo Curtimenta ...


Region: Dão (Gouveia - Serra da Estrela).Grapes: Encruzado, Uva Cão, Bical, Terrantez.A concept for wines that happen.For unique conditions in unique years. by constant concern, a challenge to all standards. They could be called "collection wines", b..


whitewine, acores, pico, picowines, antoniomacanita, terrantez, oak, barrels, floral, bergamot, iodine, salty

TERRANTEZ DO PICO By António Maçanita ...


Region: Açores Island (Pico - S. Miguel).Grapes: Terrantez.First presses fermented in stainless steel tanks with temperature control in order to maintain the purity of the grape and the second presses fermented in barrel of 3rd year.Bright citrus yel..


winemadeira, blandy, terrantez, 20years, aperitif, soups

BLANDY'S 20 Years Terrantez - Madeira Is...


Grapes: Terrantez.Topaz color with a golden halo on top. An elegant bouquet of dried fruits, wood and spices. Fresh, dried and concentrated medium, with a very balanced acidity. Final long mouth, spices, dried fruit and wood. It is excellent as an..


winemadeira, blandy, 1976, terrantez, blandysmadeirawine, terrantezmadeirawine, blandysterrantez

BLANDY'S Terrantez 1976 - Madeira Island


Region: MadeiraGrapes: Terrantez.The wine has been aging for 21 years in the warm loft of the warehouse for many months. This process, known as “gradual stuffing”, gives the wine unique aromas and flavors and gives it a great longevity.Clear, topaz w..

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