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The classic ADEGA VELHA brandy with 12 years... A creation of Quinta da Aveleda!Produced at Quinta da Aveleda. by Engº Manuel Soares this brandy is ideal to serve as a digestive after a meal, recommending its service at a temperature between 18 and..


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Produced at Quinta da Aveleda. by Engº Manuel Soares this brandy is ideal to serve as a digestive after a meal, recommending its service at a temperature between 18 and 20ºC.With a bright color and topaz hue, Adega Velha 30 Anos presents a very fine ..


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AMEAL Reserva white 2020


The white wine Ameal Reserva, 100% Loureiro from Vale do Lima is currently part of the ESPORÃO wine group!A refuge that offers tranquility, comfort and harmony. In the midst of nature and on the banks of the Lima river, unique wines are born here.Qui..


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Anselmo Mendes LOUREIRO PRIVATE white 20...


Anselmo Mendes LOUREIRO PRIVATE is the first result of Anselmo Mendes' research with the Loureiro variety in the different farms we have along the Lima valley, on both banks of the Lima River.This wine is the first result of research with the Loureir..


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Anselmo Mendes PARDUSCO PRIVATE red 2017


Anselmo Mendes PARDUSCO PRIVATE , a Alvarelhão or Brancelho! A very original red, silky and with strong minerality.Pardusco Private is a red wine made according to the old Portuguese traditions, that is, a red wine with a prolonged aging in used barr..


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Anselmo Mendes TEMPO white 2017


Anselmo Mendes TEMPO is an intense, complex and persistent Alvarinho. A winter white wine!Known for tanning (partial or total) in many of his whites, Anselmo makes four Alvarinhos with this method, including Anselmo Mendes Tempo. This wine shows the ..


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Aphros MELISSAE white 2018


Given that the unique quality of a wine is built in the vineyards, our priority is to care for the vineyards. Since these depend on the health of the soil, at Quinta do Casal do Paço we do our best to enhance the vitality of the land, and keep it in ..


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AVELEDA Manoel Pedro Guedes Reserva whit...


Manoel Pedro Guedes is a wine that is the result of a meticulous viticulture and winemaking, complemented by a rigorous selection throughout the whole production process. Inspired by the first blend created at Quinta da Aveleda, only the best grapes ..


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C.R.F. XO Fine & Rare


CR&F announced the arrival of another of its emblematic brandies, presenting to the market its CR&F XO Fine & Rare. Coming from the Vinho Verde Demarcated Region, this brandy had a long process of selection of old batches where brandies o..


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CONTACTO Magnum white 2018


Experimenting, reinventing, overcoming, taking on the challenge of creating wines of excellence, born from a long and deep connection to the land and defying conventions and the senses. This is where Anselmo Mendes takes us.Anselmo Mendes, recognized..


whitewine, vinhoverde, covela, covelaavesso, avesso

Covela Reserva Avesso white 2021


Quinta de Covela practices organic farming on granitic soils that form a natural south-facing amphitheater. A scenery of terraces planted at low altitude on the right bank of the Douro River in the southern part of the Vinhos Verdes Region (Minho). C..


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DOM DIOGO Vinhão red 2021


Dom Diogo Vinhão is the result of a perfect harmony between modern techniques and tradition. The harvest, carried out only in the morning, was done manually in small boxes. The vinification is carried out by the traditional method, with treading in g..

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