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DOM DIOGO Vinhão red 2021


Dom Diogo Vinhão is the result of a perfect harmony between modern techniques and tradition. The harvest, carried out only in the morning, was done manually in small boxes. The vinification is carried out by the traditional method, with treading in g..


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PEQUENOS REBENTOS Atlântico Escolha red...


Márcio Lopes is one of the faces of a new generation of experimentalist and revivalist winemakers who have been bringing us premium wines, capable of awakening our senses to what is ours, what Portuguese wine really is.PEQUENOS REBENTOSAtlantic is a ..


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Pequenos Rebentos Touché red 2020


The reference has the signature of Márcio Lopes and is called Pequenos Rebentos Touché. It is made with grapes from vines that are over 90 years old. They are found in Melgaço and host a mix of grape varieties, including Bastardo, Alvarelhão, Caínho ..


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TUBARÃO red 2019


RED SHAPED RAMADA SHARK | THE WINE CURE | 400 bottlesLike the masseira fields, agricultural polyculture was common throughout the Minho region. It represented protection against fluctuating market prices and against climatic variability. The central ..

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