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DOM DIOGO Vinhão tº 2019 - V. Verdes


Region: BastoProducer: Quinta da Raza.Grapes: Vinhão.This wine results from a rigorous selection of our best Vinhão grapes and the perfect communion between technique and tradition. The grape crop is picked manually into small boxes and only in the m..


vinhoverde, vinhotinto, vinhoverdetinto, ramadas, tintoderamadas, tubarao

TUBARÃO tº 2019 - V. Verdes


RED SHAPED RAMADA SHARK | THE WINE CURE | 400 bottlesLike the masseira fields, agricultural polyculture was common throughout the Minho region. It represented protection against fluctuating market prices and against climatic variability. The central ..

Showing 1 to 2 of 2 (1 Pages)