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For oenophiles and wine lovers, for producers and for everyone: Viti Vini Vici, a book by winemaker Thomaz Vieira da Cruz, will probably be the best book on the culture of wine in recent years.The first time we heard about the Viti Vini Vici project ..


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A DE ARINTO white 2020


A DE ARINTO white 2020 a white wine from the Douro made with the Arinto variety in a super limited 986 bottles.Pormenor Vinhos begins its 2013 history with its first vintage and by the hand of 3 friends, Pedro Coelho, José Silva and Miguel Cardozo.Th..


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A Proibida tinto 2018


Savvy and resistant, Queen Isabella has ensured since the attack of phylloxera in the 19th century, the continuation of vines and wine in the islands to this day. For many...it is not part of the customs. This "Isabella", the Forbidden, values the hi..


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One came to pass 80 years old, with several failures derived from a partial abandonment during some years. In an area of ​​intense exposure and with huge outcrops of shale on the surface where not a single herb remains. The people of Quinta quickly c..


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This red wine from the Colares area should be on your tasting list given its richness!ADEGA VIÚVA GOMES is currently a father and son project, 4th and 5th generation, whose main objective is to keep Colares Wines traditional.Viúva Gomes are wines of ..


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ADEGA VIÚVA GOMES Reserva red 1969


This red wine from the Colares area should be on your tasting list given its richness!ADEGA VIÚVA GOMES is currently a project of father and son, 4th and 5th generation, whose main objective is to maintain the traditional wines of Colares. Here they ..


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This white wine from the Colares area should be on your tasting list given its richness!At Viúva Gomes we put all our passion in the wines we create. They are an extension of our personality, of our beliefs and personal taste. We believe in genui..


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Adorado de Mnade Solera white


Adorado first saw the light of day back in around 1900, when wine was a form of nourishment and the Rueda region was still full of grizzled, old time growers with plenty of stories to tell who were making a rugged living from their ancient mishmas..


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AETERNUS red 2019


The red wine from Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, Aeternus is a tribute to an eternal work, to a man who loved the land, family and work.Américo Amorim knew that the future only took place if we preserved the history of a place. He loved the D..


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Água Viva Baga Bruto


Niepoort's first Blanc de Noirs is launched.... the Água Viva Baga da Bairrada!Keeping with the tradition of Quinta de Baixo, of making classic-style sparkling wines without dosage, they created Água Viva Baga. This is the interpretation that charact..


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Alameda de Santar Parcelas white 2021


Located at an altitude of over 400 meters, benefiting from cool nights during the grapes' maturation phase, the vineyard in the alameda is found on granite-based soils and arranged in several gentle hills facing north and west. The main varieties pla..


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Alameda de Santar red 2018


What marks the alameda is its "terroir" that produces classic and elegant wines, in a word, genuine. From here comes a pure dan.Since 2012, when Quinta da Alameda was acquired by Luís Abrantes and his family, the objective has been to restore Alameda..

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