MESTRE DANIEL Talha X branco 2019


Region: Alentejo (Vila Alva).

Grapes: Diagalves, Manteúd, Antão Vaz, Perrum and Roupeiro.

‘Mestre Daniel - Talha X’ is produced on just one carving manufactured in Vila Alva by local masters. The grapes are exclusively from old vines and local grape varieties traditionally used in the manufacture of white wine until the middle of the 20th century. This lot thus intends to make known the typical wine of Vila Alva until that period. To produce this wine we had the help of those who know it best, the locals. The result is a unique wine that celebrates the famous 'whites' of Vila Alva.

Citrus color.
Notes green apple and excellent minerality.
In the mouth it is dry, with excellent acidity and a unique flavor that reveals the enormous typicality of carved wine.

Fermented with maceration and contact with the masses for four months in clay pots, without temperature control and with indigenous yeasts.

  • Type: white wine
  • Product Code:MESTRE DANIEL Talha X branco 2019
  • Region: Alentejo
  • Castas: Diagalves, Manteúdo, Antão Vaz, Perrum.Roupeiro
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  • Alcool11.5%
  • Volume:750 ml
  • Sulfites: Yes