NIEPOORT VV white 2018


Region: Bairrada.

Grapes: Mariga Gomes, Bical.

Quinta de Baixo Vinhas Velhas is the result of combining the varieties Maria Gomes and Bical from century-old vineyards with a perfect limestone terroir. Due to the high natural acidity, this vineyards give rise to wines with a pH below 3.0, which makes possible the malolactic fermentation that occurs in 1000 litres Fuders over 60 years old, from Mosel. VV represents the incredible lightness and complexity of Bairrada.

Crystalline in colour, the chalk notes are superb, in a vibrant way, almost nervous, expressive and very austere. Its mineral profile is involved by good lemon notes and white flowers. In the mouth, is remarkably light, while full-bodied, with extract. The citrus acidity brings the wine to a single, fresh, complex, very fine, and elegant level. Vertical, direct and with an austere and deeply mineral finish. A very serious and distinct white, that should be drunk in Burgundy type glasses.

Food Suggestions: Seafood dishes, roasted fish and cod dishes. Goes very well with dishes inspired by Japanese cuisine, with alkaline and iodised flavours (such as the Nori seaweed).

Winemaker: Dirk NIepoort

  • Type: white wine
  • Product Code:NIEPOORT VV branco 2018
  • Brand: NIEPOORT
  • Region: Bairrada
  • Castas: Mariga Gomes, Bical
  • EAN: 5600321001646
  • Availability:In Stock
  • Alcool11%
  • Volume:750 ml
  • Sulfites: Yes