ROZÈS Noble Late Harvest 2016


Region: Douro (Cambres/Lamego).

ROZÈS NOBLE LATE HARVEST is produced exclusively from the Malvasia Fina variety. The winemaking took place in mid-November, followed by a stage in new hulls of French acacia wood.

Bright golden color.
Elegant hints of ripe tropical fruits, pear and jam, with soft notes of vanilla, complete, well wrapped by the acidity characteristic of Late Harvest.
Full bodied and unctuous with a high sweetness, a perfect balance, with a good acidity and a long and persistent finish.

Beautiful as an aperitif, accompanying a Foie-Gras or as a dessert in the company of conventual sweets.
It should be served at a temperature of 8ºC-10ºC.

  • Type: Late Harvest
  • Product Code:ROZÈS Noble Late Harvest 2016
  • Brand: ROZÉS
  • Region: Douro
  • Availability:In Stock
  • Alcool14.5%
  • Volume:500 ml
  • Sulfites: Yes