BARBEITO Single Harvest Malvasia 2004 Single Cask


"The Cask 132 stood out by showing two characteristics that are indispensable in my wines, elegance and acidity, which were influenced by the fact that the wine remained aging in two warehouses where average temperatures are significantly different(a + d). Until the end of 2008, the high temperatures of warehouse "a" originated a good and rapid concentration. In 2009, the cask was transferred to a cooler warehouse ("d") which allowed a decrease in sugar concentration thus emphasizing the acidity and originating a well-balanced wine."
Ricardo Diogo

  • Type: Madeira
  • Product Code:BARBEITO Single Harvest Malvasia 2004 Casco Único
  • Brand: BARBEITO
  • Region: Madeira
  • Castas: Malvasia
  • EAN: 5601519711002
  • Availability:In Stock
  • Alcool19%
  • Volume:500 ml
  • Sulfites: Yes
  • Notas de Prova: Aroma of raisins, orange peel, white chocolate, walnuts and light earthy giving it a very fresh nose. Ripe tropical fruit on the delicate palate. Sweet well wrapped in a silky and pure acidity.